NYC: Flying bullets ‘not on my itinerary’: Tourists react to Times Square shooting

Tourists visiting Times Square on Monday expressed fears for their safety — and the city’s future — following the second shooting there in as many months.

“Worrying about getting killed in a crossfire was not on my itinerary when I booked this trip with my girlfriends — especially while touring the biggest attraction,” said Pat Flanagan of Cleveland.

“It’s actually more sad than scary because I want to see New York pick up again.”

Flanagan, 44, added: “Crime can be controlled if you control it. New York learned how to do it in the past, so why not now? It’s got the biggest police department in the country and it can’t stop people from firing guns in Times Square?”

“Right now, tourism is making a comeback after COVID,” she said.

“Don’t kill it by letting crime run rampant.”


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