This Chrome extension lets you apply for tons of remote jobs with just a click

If you’re thinking about looking for a remote job, now might be the time.

Many businesses have said they’re leaving in place their work-from-home policies from the pandemic era, and a wave of employee departures that’s been dubbed the “Great Resignation” has given workers in some fields more leverage to negotiate the salary and perks they want, including flexibility to keep working remotely even as pandemic restrictions ease.

The trouble is, searching for a new job can mean a lot of time spent filtering through online ads, LinkedIn postings, and corporate websites to find opportunities that match your needs and skills. And once you find a job you think you might want, your work is far from over: You typically have to fill out an online job application that asks for information you already have in your résumé and have already transcribed into every other job application you’ve filled out during your job search. And with competition fierce for coveted remote roles, you’ll probably have to fill out a lot of applications.

To simplify the application process, the job search company Ladders has rolled out a new extension for Google Chrome that allows you to enter your basic information once, then apply for jobs on many popular career sites with a single click. The Chrome extension, called Apply4Me, relies on actual humans to verify that the information you provide ends up in the right place on those online forms at sites like Monster, CareerBuilder, LinkedIn, and Ladders’ own site, as well as on many corporate application portals. Ladders sends job applicants a confirmation email when their applications are submitted.


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