Suriname: Juspol wants to strengthen cooperation with international partners

The Ministry of Justice and Police (Juspol) wants to strengthen the relations that were maintained in the past with international partners, neighboring countries and traditional countries. “In the field of crime prevention, we had good cooperation with certain countries such as America, Brazil, the Netherlands and France. These traditional relationships have been neglected. It is important that we continue those relations,” Minister Kenneth Amoksi said in parliament.

There is cooperation in the field of crime and corruption, security and capacity building of the various forces. He gave as an example the good cooperation with the American Drug Control Organization (DEA) and regional organizations in the border countries Guyana, French Guiana/France and Brazil. “We have partially resumed these collaborations, especially the collaboration with France. We are investing in it because we want to achieve common goals in the field of security,” said Minister Amoksi.

With regard to the fight against corruption, the justice minister said that a promise has been made to society. “There are a lot of corruption cases that are currently pending and the Public Prosecution Service is in position to conduct those investigations. That happens. I think the Public Prosecution Service is now investigating at least nineteen corruption cases,” said the minister.

In addition to focusing on international cooperation and the fight against corruption, the minister discussed a number of things that have gone wrong in the past ten years. He says havoc has been wrought on the various ministries on many issues. “We can talk about neglect, stagnation or deterioration, especially in the Ministry of Justice and Police,” he said.


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