Bahamas: “WHO YOU TALKING TO?”: Davis takes issue with AG telling Bahamians to “behave”

NASSAU, BAHAMAS  — Progressive Liberal Party Leader (PLP) Philip Brave Davis yesterday insisted that there is no connection between the behavior of the Bahamian people and the government’s decision to remove the state of emergency, labelling recent suggestions by the attorney general as “insulting”.

Attorney General Carl Bethel has advised that the government is aiming for the removal of the coronavirus emergency orders and emergency powers when the current state of emergency ends on August 13.

He noted that “everything depends on how we behave ourselves as a people”, indicating the governor general could still issue a new state of emergency if COVID-19 infections get out of control and it is deemed necessary.

Davis, however, took issue with Bethel’s assertion.

“This issue of Bahamians behaving and will determine whether they extend or do not extend the state of emergency, it’s foolishness, it’s disgraceful,” he said on the sidelines of a recent press conference at the party’s headquarters.


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