NYC: Family of MDC inmate claims jail guards did nothing as he ‘slowly died’

The family of an inmate who died after being pepper-sprayed is blaming his death on Brooklyn jail guards — who allegedly did nothing as he “slowly died,” according to a new federal lawsuit.

Donna Mays, 61, claims her son Jamel Floyd’s June 3 death at the Metropolitan Detention Center could have been prevented if the correction officers properly responded to him while he was in the throes of a mental health episode.

“Mr. Floyd’s life was cut abruptly short by correctional officers who subjected Mr. Floyd to excessive force and then stood by while he slowly died,” says Mays’ lawsuit, filed Wednesday in Brooklyn federal court.

Floyd died three days before he was set to go before a parole board. He would have been eligible for parole just four months later.

The 35-year-old, who was locked up on a burglary conviction, was sent to solitary confinement on May 30, the day after he was allegedly brutally beaten by guards in a staff bathroom outside of security camera view, the court papers claim.


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