Jamaica: Speaker shuts down ‘stranger’ talk as Wright spurned again

“There is a stranger on this side of the House.”

That pronouncement by a seemingly irritated Leader of Opposition Business Anthony Hylton was quickly shut down by Speaker of the House Marisa Dalrymple Philibert on Tuesday, triggering another round of intense debate over George Wright, a government-turned-independent member of parliament who now occupies a seat at the rear of the Opposition benches.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness was introduced to make a statement when Hylton sought the Speaker’s attention to express his displeasure with Wright seated on the Opposition side.

Leader of Government Business Edmund Bartlett joined the fray as he sought to castigate Hylton for his remarks, accusing him of trying to create “media sensation”.

“Everybody who is on that side is part of the Opposition, so there is no stranger in the House,” Bartlett insisted.


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