Dominican Republic: Ring ‘stole’ money meant to feed poor kids

Santo Domingo.- The Justice Ministry investigates a former director of the National Council for Children and Adolescents (CONANI) in relation to the corruption network in the Coral case, allegedly to appropriate resources destined for feeding and caring for children from that institution.

The information was offered by lead prosecutor, Yeni Berenice Reinoso, who pointed out that Colonel Rafael Núñez Aza, whom he attributes to be the financial mastermind of the network, also served as CONANI manager, despite not appearing on the payroll of public records.

Reynoso did not specify which of the previous owners of that entity is the one investigated. During the last government, the Executive Directorate of CONANI was occupied by Kirsys Fernández, Kenia Lora Abreu and Greybby Cuello Coste de Torres, the latter wife of the pilot Brigadier General Juan Carlos Torres Robiou, former director of the Specialized Tourist Security Corps (CESTUR).

The deputy attorney general said that with the resources of Conani, the Presidential Security Corps (CUSEP) and the Specialized Tourist Security Corps (CESTUR), they would have bought properties for more than RD$700 million.


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