Trinidad & Tobago: Strangest twist to Kadijah’s already bizarre case

The case of missing Kadijah Flament took a strange twist yesterday, when messages were posted on her Facebook account profile that claimed that she was alive and will return home.

Four messages were posted within minutes of each other on Flament’s timeline, where it was claimed that she was ‘alive and well’, and ‘taking a break’ in Tobago.

Around 3 p.m., the first post which appeared on Flament’s Facebook account read: ‘I am okay guys, I am okay, I am in Tobago wtf. Alyuh saying I dead I just needed a f***ing break, will come home when I ready, I have no phone, I now say let me log in and all this sh*t.’

Five minutes later the second message was posted and read: ‘So bad alyuh want me dead.’

Then ten minutes after that came the third post: ‘LoL now self I staying way I is, how much places alyuh find meh body.’

‘I’m alive and well,’ was the last post, along with a picture of Flament.

In response to the posts, her mother, Anastasia Flament, who had told the Express that she believes her daughter had been killed, and has been leading the searches for evidence into her disappearance, said she was further traumatised and confused.


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