NYC: Eric Adams gets emotional after voting in ‘historical’ NYC primary

Mayoral front-runner Eric Adams broke down in tears early Tuesday in Brooklyn, moments after he voted in what he described as a “historical” primary for a city at a critical crossroads.

Adams — the candidate endorsed by The Post — had a huge smile as he turned out to vote early with 25-year-old son Jordan in Bed-Stuy, saying, “I feel great!”

But he soon got emotional outside as he spoke to a large group of supporters about how he “took my son’s hand and placed it on my name” — just like his own late mom had done to him in an election in 1977.

“Mom has gone. She transitioned a few months ago at the height of the election, and I never had the time to mourn,” he said, needing to pause several times as he broke down over the recent loss.

After joking how his mom, Dorothy Mae Adams, “loved” all her six children “but adored me,” he recalled how he had been alone with his mother when she died in a hospital bed.

“I held Mommy’s hand … her heart stopped. And we sat there alone,” he said.


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