Why learning on the job is more important than ever (and 5 ways to do it better)

As many parts of the world reopen for business, we shouldn’t expect workplaces to look exactly as they did before the pandemic. Many companies have announced that workers can continue working from anywhere permanently. Meanwhile, some employees are eager to return to the office, while others are opting for something in between: working remotely while gathering in person for meetings or special events. 

In this hybrid work environment, employees are looking for ways to develop their skills and careers in order to thrive in a changing landscape. Managers want to engage and retain their teams, no matter where they’re based. And companies need to go digital fast while bringing their workforce along. Hybrid work demands that companies find fresh ways to help employees build the skills they need to succeed.

Workplace learning has always been a key driver of success for both employees and companies. According to recent Salesforce research, more than 70% of knowledge workers say that having more opportunities for workplace learning would make them more productive and engaged at work. Providing educational opportunities also breeds loyalty, with two-thirds of respondents saying they would be more likely to stay with a company that invested in continuous learning. 


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