Suriname: SSAS wants to help structure the security industry

By providing education and training, the Safety & Security Academy Suriname (SSAS) wants to help raise the level within the security industry. In this way, SSAS wants to contribute to the structuring of the security industry. “The need is huge within the industry. And actually everyone now does their own in-house security training,” says SSAS director Sharon Schalkwijk.

The training institute is preparing to provide security training for the various security companies. Every trained security officer should at least know what he has had in his curriculum. There must be a standard standard that employees must comply with.

Schalkwijk notes that society often looks down on security people. “However, they are not just watchmen. They are people who take care of the safety and security of people, their possessions and goods. They should get more appreciation for that and we can do that by educating them,” she says.


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