Suriname: Palm garden needs a new face

The Palmentuin, which is known as a meeting place and a location where people walk in their spare time, will get a facelift. By giving the Palmentuin a facelift, it can be made attractive for society and tourists. This is what Clifton Braam, deputy director of the Culture Directorate, says. Due to the COVID pandemic and lockdown, the directorate has not been able to keep the Palmentuin optimally clean.

The garden cannot be cleaned optimally due to the weather conditions. The grass had grown again in no time, says Braam. According to him, society has also stated often enough that the garden is more like a broko pranasi than a garden in which people can walk. And it has therefore been decided to carry out the cleaning work during the lockdown.

In recent years, the Palmentuin has often been used as an attraction for various activities. In addition to culture, art, tourist attractions, the Palmentuin is often enough on national holidays transformed for festive occasions. Work will be done on a different face for the Palmentuin in the near future. Minister Marie Levens of Education, Science and Culture encourages artists and musicians to continue their art as an artist during this time.

Life continues as normal after the pandemic. It is therefore important that work is already underway on works of art and music. The Culture Directorate is always open to creative expressions and ideas.


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