Suriname: “Education does not change our living situation”

For years, educators from the flooded areas have been asking the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture (MinOWC) to change their living situation. Teachers from OS Goninikriki-mofo and the school at Loka Loka in the Marowijne district were particularly affected. Much of the interior is currently under water due to the ongoing rain.

According to the teachers, they always have to look for high areas to store their goods. “Every rainy season we have to move and that is no life for us,” they share. They also indicate that from 2006 they will be looking for help from the department management. This situation has been going on for fifteen years. Promises are made by successive governments, the teachers claim. However, they don’t notice this.

“They promised us that they would put the teachers’ houses on tops or move them further back where they won’t be flooded, but we didn’t notice any of this. We live in this situation year after year. I hope they get there.” Now we are going to do something about it, because we can no longer handle this situation. Although the water is not always that high, but it will come,” the concerned teachers tell Suriname Herald.

The teachers also indicate that they live between the river and a creek. The water is quite high in the rainy season. They are also afraid of vermin, especially the snakes. They flow with the water.


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