Sick of your screen? Here’s how to find a healthy balance with your workplace tech

During the pandemic, remote work became the new norm as companies grappled with how to continue operations during lockdown. For many employees, like those at Salesforce and Twitter, remote work arrangements will continue permanently. Other big names have announced hybrid work plans, where employees will be in the office for part of each week and work from home for the rest.

Finding work–life balance has never been easy, even before COVID-19, but it became even more difficult as home and office merged this past year. Remote workers may find that they lost track of days, worked longer hours, and were never able to get away from their computer screens.

What’s more, with a continuous barrage of emails, Slack notifications, and social media posts, the average worker is being constantly inundated with technology. That’s why in today’s work environment, it’s not only important to search for some form of work–life balance; you must also find a work–technology balance.


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