NYC: Spence School sorry for video a mom said ‘tarred and feathered’ white women

The elite Manhattan school under fire for showing students a video that a mom said “tarred and feathered’’ white women sent a letter to parents claiming it was a “significant mistake” after The Post broke the story.

Bodie Brizendine, head of the tony k-12 Spence School on the Upper East Side, sent out an e-mail to parents Wednesday claiming, “We take this seriously; it is never acceptable to ridicule anyone at any time.

“This video is not part of the Spence curriculum. Our teacher and the School acknowledge that sharing a satirical video that made fun of white women was a significant mistake,’’ Brizendine said.

“We are sorry for any harm this has caused to anyone in our community,’’ the administrator added — while suggesting that the politically correct all-girls institution may be changing how it does things in the future.


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