NYC: ‘It’s frightening’: Troubled NYC school told mom to pull her smart son out

Find a better school for your son. 

That’s the advice defeated teachers at beleaguered PS 147 in Cambria Heights, Queens, gave to mom Keisha Ellis when she asked about improving the 11-year-old boy’s performance. 

“It’s frightening to hear that from a teacher talking to you about your son,” she told The Post. “They didn’t say they would work with him or try to address it, they just said we should leave.” 

Ellis fears her boy will fail at his dream of becoming a lawyer if he stays at the failing school, where 70 percent of students can’t pass the state’s basic English exam despite the DOE spending nearly $25,000 per pupil. 

“They told me that he is a good student, a smart student,” she said. “But they said the school is not a competitive place and that he was just going to fall behind with the rest of his class.” 

It appears that a lot of the predominantly black parents at the school are getting the message, as enrollment has dropped 17 percent from 2017 to this year. 

Many District 29 families have split for private and charter schools — or moved to Long Island. But Ellis says she’s in a bind because she can’t afford a move or a private school. 


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