A consumer lobby is pressing the Holness administration to demand greater clarity from multinational ride-share company Uber on its local operations branded by transport officials as “a new designation” that drew warnings about circumventing Jamaican law.

As public authorities appear to remain in the dark about the legality and nuts and bolts of Uber’s operations, Trevor Samuels, spokesman for the National Consumer League, is cautioning that commuters and other stakeholders must know whether the State has given its full blessing to the ride-share entity.

“We need to come clear on how they are going to operate in Jamaica. The fact that they operate in many countries of the world doesn’t mean we know how they are going to operate here,” said Samuels, a former president of the League.

“Obviously, people are happy with them abroad, but we need to know how they operate.”

That call comes amid early confusion on how Uber will navigate the Jamaican market, but the company is not unfamiliar with bumpy rides after cabbie revolts and a slew of lawsuits internationally.


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