Bahamas: BIG BIRD BOUNCING BACK: Abaco poultry producer up to 20% pre-Dorian capacity as demand increases

ABACO, BAHAMAS — Well-known poultry producer Abaco Big Bird said yesterday it is back to roughly 20 percent of its pre-Hurricane Dorian production levels as product demand rises, but noted pandemic-driven price hikes have sent its largest cost up 40 percent.

Operations Manager Lance Pinder told Eyewitness News: “Prices have gone up significantly on a lot of items and sometimes it’s not even about the cost because you can’t get some items at all. Our feed cost is up 40 percent in the last two to three months. Boxes and packaging have gone up 10 to 15 percent and some stuff is just not available.”

He added: “We’re just getting back into production, so I’m not sure yet how much it’s affecting sales, but having feed costs go up 40 percent is no small number. That’s our biggest cost. Shipping costs also went up a little. Hopefully, things settle down in the coming months.”

Pinder noted the company just recently added a third poultry house, stating: “That just came online and will help us a bit.


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