We asked 42 tech giants about their DEI initiatives. Here’s what we found

One year after protests against police brutality shook much of the corporate world awake to the problems of racial equity in the workplace, Fast Company took a hard look at what’s changed—and what hasn’t—within the biggest technology companies in the country.

A cornerstone of the Black in Tech project—created in collaboration with The Plug, a publication covering the Black innovation economy—was a survey that went out to 42 of the largest and most important U.S.-based technology companies with over 1,000 employees that Fast Company covers. These companies’ market capitalizations, as of May 6 of this year, range from $2.8 billion (Yelp) to $2.1 trillion (Apple); our financial data is current as of June 14.

Thirty-seven technology giants responded to our queries and agreed to participate in the project. Stripe and Roku declined to participate, and Tesla, SpaceX, and Coinbase did not respond to repeated requests. For companies that did not participate, we searched for any public information about commitments or policy changes, and included those findings in the final project.

Pieces of this data set, which encapsulates the public financial commitments made by these companies, as well as the changes made to their policies and procedures in the last year, are highlighted in data visualizations, which you can see here. But it’s worth unpacking this data more.


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