Suriname: Food packages for social institutions in Nickerie

Ministers Krishna Mathoera of Defense and Risha Kuldipsingh of Labour, Employment and Youth Affairs (AW and J) have donated food parcels to various social institutions in Nickerie. During the visit to the institutions, the ministers listened to the needs of the institutions. The donation is in connection with the government’s ‘National distribution of food parcels’ project.

Both ministers pointed out the importance of the support that the government offers the socially disadvantaged through the project. “It’s not much, but it’s the little the government can already do to alleviate the need. We hope that this gesture can give inspiration and strength to continue the good work and be patient until we get out of this crisis,” said Minister Mathoera.

Minister Kuldipsingh said the government is showing its solidarity to the people. “We are all ministers in the government and jointly implement the project. I can’t help but give my support myself. We stand behind the people,” the minister noted. The minister indicated that the Ministry of AW and J is charged with COVID support.

The unemployed, people with a reduced income and small independent entrepreneurs can apply for support through the ministry. She went on to say that she has set up a COVID Crisis Center (CCC) where people can call for their needs and when they are in crisis.


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