Trinidad & Tobago: Cops on lookout for pre-curfew mad rush drivers

DESCRIBING the nation’s highways and main roads as racetrack courses an hour before the curfew starts, Police Commissioner Gary Griffith is promising swift action against errant, speeding and reckless drivers.

In fact, speaking on Monday morning at a press briefing, Griffith said a plan would be in place where there would be an increased police presence Monday evening to catch speeding drivers just before the clock strikes 9 pm, for the start of the curfew.

The top cop said that based on intel and statistics, the police have noted an increase in movement and activities on the streets.

He spoke of an emerging trend where some people would drink and socialise until the very last few minutes before curfew time and then jump in their cars and speed in an effort to avoid being found outside after the curfew.

He marveled that despite this uptick in reckless driving, there have been no major accidents or fatalities because of this rush.


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