Suriname: BBGO: “Without price control, there is no point in strengthening purchasing power”

Retired people, united in the Bond Belangenbeprovocation Retired from Government Service (BBGO), would like to see prices adjusted in the shops. The purchasing power boost of SRD 750 pledged to the group will be of no value if prices are not reined in. This is stated by the acting chairman of the BBGO Roy Sporkslede.

“We are not satisfied. The situation in the country is bad.” He takes over, because chairman Renate Wouden is abroad.

Sporkslede says that the senior citizens are victims of the economic situation, but nevertheless they are doing what they have to. “We accept the amount. At the end of this month we will see what it entails.” The union is having trouble with the ever-rising prices, because senior citizens often need more. “We will learn to live with it. Curb prices and we can buy what we want and what is needed more often.” Sporkslede states that with a good price control, no increase is necessary.

“Prior to the increase, the prices were adjusted. Now they are doubled. Everyone wants more, but keep the prices in check. Then we are satisfied.” The group is also concerned about the additional payment for medication at the State Health Fund (SZF). “Who’s kidding who, when we’ve worked for the government.” The union’s greatest concern is with pensioners from government services who live on their own.


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