Jamaica: Workers carrying out fogging stoned, MOHW concerned

Residents of the ‘Compound’ community in Alligator Pond, Manchester could find themselves facing a serious infestation of mosquitoes if health officials are forced to pull the fogging teams out of the area.

Reports are that workers carrying out fogging activities could be moving in this direction as on more than one occasion members of their team have been attacked and stoned by residents in the area.

The matter was raised by Chief Public Health Inspector, Charmaine Palmer-Cross, during last week’s sitting of the Manchester Municipal Corporation.

According to Palmer-Cross, members of the team have expressed concern about their safety especially in the Compound area.

“When we go out to fog there tends to be areas [where] persons are throwing missiles at the vehicles. It is not the first time and I am imploring that persons understand the reason for us doing it [fogging]. It is for us to protect [the public],” Palmer-Cross pleaded.


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