Caribbean films now available on Pavilion+ platform

Caribbean movies and TV shows are now more accessible than ever to viewers in the Caribbean diaspora across the US, UK, and Canada.

Filmmakers Collaborative of Trinidad and Tobago (FILMCO) has releases curated titles across its expansive catalogue and slate of original films on the newly launched PAVILION+ platform.

Audiences across the Caribbean Diaspora and viewers with keen interests in the Caribbean can enjoy the large and growing list of FILMCO titles on the PAVILION+ platform for free.

FILMCO is a distribution platform designed to give filmmakers in Trinidad and Tobago and the wider Caribbean who are part of the FILMCO collaborative the opportunity to monetise their content through licensing and distribution.

The strong and vibrant membership organisation’s core areas of focus are the distribution of films and television series, management of the annual trinidad+tobago film festival, and industry-specific professional development and training.


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