Bahamas: TOO MANY SHOTS TO COUNT: Mother says 25-year-old son left home minutes before being killed

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Family members of 25-year-old Stervante Moss, who was shot and killed yesterday, were inconsolable at the bloody scene near his Polhemus Street home off Nassau Street.

Police said officers responded to reports of gunshots heard in the area and found the body of a man in a grey Honda Civic parked in an open lot.

According to reports, Moss was approaching his home when a small, dark vehicle stopped him and three people exited the vehicle and fired shots in his direction.

Police said although he tried to escape, he was fatally wounded and pronounced dead on the scene.

Myrna Auguste, Moss’s mother, said she saw her son just minutes before he was killed. 

“He said mommy I coming right back I going right around the corner,” Auguste told reporters. 

That was the last time she saw her son alive. 

“He was driving my car and he went right around the corner and when he was coming back I heard the gunshots,” she said.

“When I look outside, I see the person come out of the car and they still were shooting.”


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