Suriname: Commission examines results of basic police training 2019-2020

A committee has been installed at the Ministry of Justice and Police (Juspol) that is charged with the screening of admission to the basic police training 2019-2020. The committee must make a concrete proposal to Juspol minister Kenneth Amoksi within three months. This body was installed on behalf of the Minister on 11 June by Olton Helstone, Director of Operational Services.

The commission headed by Mark Karg is tasked with screening the various investigations and tests of the latest police recruitment. After this, a concrete proposal must be made of a timeline with the start and end date of the elementary training, taking into account the COVID pandemic.

According to Helstone, the committee will see to it that the new group of candidates has met the established requirements for admission to the force. The intention is that attention is paid to recruitment, training, instruction, testing and checking for physical and mental fitness. Strict attention will be paid to the recruitment of the more than 350 recruits who now have to start the training.

Chairman Karg said that according to the constitution the Suriname Police Force belongs to one of the two armed forces in Suriname. We will have to work hard on the authority of the police within society. He emphasized the attention to the integrity of the police officer, the good not checked.


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