Suriname: Interpol confirms Suriname’s request for placement of Hoefwire on international search list

The issue of ex-treasury secretary Gillmore Hoefdraad will be an issue, President Chan Santokhi says, until he is accountable to the court. In anticipation of that, Santokhi says the government is doing what it needs to. Earlier there were issues that he would have been seen in Suriname. A national investigation was then launched, but there is still no information about his whereabouts.

Acting Attorney General (PG), Garcia Paragsingh, informed the president that a renewed request with additional information has been sent to Interpol. “We have received confirmation that the request has been received.” This includes identification, arrest and extradition, Santokhi said.

“We don’t know yet what it will bring when the information goes out into the world. Let everyone cooperate. If it doesn’t work nationally, we go international. We ask for the support of the world community. As soon as there is a national investigation, the attorney general says that everyone is asked to come with information.”

The president also refers to the intelligence and security services that collect more information with their networks. If Hoefdraad is spotted abroad, as was the case a few weeks ago, then it is the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the PG who intervene immediately. The PG checks this with judicial and interpol structures.


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