How Netflix’s new online store could help it take on Disney

Netflix opened an e-commerce site on Thursday where you can buy things like caps, necklaces, hoodies, and, yes, underwear—much of it branded with popular Netflix movies and TV series. The move is part of a larger push for the company to compete with Disney’s streaming business, which is propped up by revenue from its merchandising and theme parks., which was built with the help of Shopify, will start slow, offering products themed with only a few hit shows and then add more and more, reports The New York Times’ John Koblin and Sapna Maheshwari.

Right now the store features products from anime series Eden and Yasuke. Soon enough, there will be baseball caps, T-shirts, hoodies, and sweaters bearing the branding of Netflix’s Lupin series about an expert thief. You’ll also see a Lupin-themed side table for $150 and Lupin throw pillows for $60 apiece. The products were created through a collaboration with Paris’s Louvre museum, the Times reports.


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