Trinidad & Tobago: MPs to receive 50 food cards each for ‘urgent’ cases

Planning Minister Camille Robinson-Regis said MPs would soon receive information regarding the issuance of food cards which would be used for urgent situations.

She was speaking during today’s Parliament sitting in response to a question put forward by Chaguanas East MP Vandana Mohit on the distribution of food cards for people in need.

“At no time did the Minister of Social Development and Family Services indicate that food cards would be made available during this current situation. What the Minister did indicate…is that each member of Parliament will get 50 food cards for distribution to their constituents who are urgently in need.”

“In addition we do have the current market boxes that are being distributed and as a consequence of that the 50 food cards are being given to all MPs for urgent situations.”

Mohit asked when the food cards would be available, to which Robinson-Regis said a letter would be sent to MPs next week:


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