Suriname: SRD 320 in electricity subsidy for households with 1- and 2-phase connection

The adjustment of the energy and water rates is to make the Suriname Energy Companies (EBS) and the Surinaamsche Waterleiding Maatschappij (SWM) healthy. Natural Resources (NH) minister David Abiamofo said this at a government press conference yesterday. According to him, the current rate per kilowatt hour is much lower than the cost price. Currently, the EBS is running at a loss on every new connection.

“The company is structurally loss-making in a downward spiral,” the minister described the situation of EBS. That is why there is a financial audit of the company. A graduated model has been developed, in which subsidies are passed on in the rate.

The minister states that SWM is in a more difficult financial position than the EBS. “The company can hardly keep its head above water.” He said the current rate for a cubic liter of water is below cost. Abiamofo indicated that this is not cost-effective. The SWM rates have not been adjusted in five years.

Households with a 1- and 2-phase connection will be subsidized for an amount of SRD 320. A user who has a 1-phase connection with a consumption of 95 kilowatt hours now pays SRD 37. This amount will be increased to SRD 333. With the subsidy contribution, such a user then pays SRD 13, but the government is limited to a minimum amount. came from SRD 50. Nobody pays less than SRD 50 in electricity. Only the 1- and 2-phase connections are subsidized. Persons with a 3-phase connection must pay the full amount.


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