Jamaica: Public passenger transportation alliance submits application for 80% fare increase

Public passenger operators are seeking an 80% increase in fares from the Government.

The application was made today by the Route Taxi Association Alliance, which comprises the Route Taxi Association of Jamaica (RTAJ), the National Council of Taxi Associations (NCOTA), and Confederation of Independent Rural Taxi Association (CIRTA), ahead of a meeting with Transport Minister Robert Montague and the Transport Authority.

In a statement this afternoon, the Ministry said Montague accepted the application and that he committed to continue dialogue with the Ministry of Finance while maintaining the lines of communication with the alliance.

“A fare adjustment is inevitable and is on the horizon but I will have to continue discussions with the Minister of Finance and get back to you,” said Montague.

The transport minister outlined that other adjustments are necessary to ensure the viability of a fare adjustment.

According to the Ministry, members of the alliance expressed hope that change is possible with further cooperation with the Ministry, the Transport Authority and the associations.


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