Jamaica: Jamaica aims to become leader in electric vehicle ownership

Jamaica is lagging behind in the uptake of electric vehicles (EVs) when compared to other countries in the Caribbean island, but a government consultant has signalled that the country will be taking over the lead in the region soon.

According to Valentine Fagan, electricity-generation consultant at the Office of Utilities Regulation, Barbados is currently leading, with over 400 registered EVs and is one of the largest users of EVs on a per capita basis. The Cayman Islands, which is also among the four runners in the Caribbean, have registered over 160 EVs in 2019.

“But based on the data we have received from Tax Administration Jamaica in 2018, only 10 EVs were registered, and so we are really lagging behind,” he stated.

However, Fagan said, “The situation is not lost as Jamaica is one of the leaders in renewable energy deployment, so we intend to take that lead position in terms of EVs adoption.”

The electricity consultant, who heads the OUR working group that was responsible for the research and development of a consultation document entitled “Proposals for a Regulatory Framework to Facilitate the Penetration of Electric Vehicles” was speaking at a virtual webinar hosted by the OUR yesterday.


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