Dominican Republic: Pro Consumidor closes grocery stores selling adulterated drinks again, causing deaths of several people

The National Institute for the Protection of Consumer Rights (Pro Consumidor) closed again this Wednesday two grocery stores in the Juan Pablo Duarte sector of this municipality, which had been closed last April for allegedly selling adulterated alcoholic beverages that caused the death of several people, and reopened their commercial activities without the authorization of the entity.

The executive director of Pro Consumidor, Dr. Eddy Alcántara, said that as soon as this institution was informed that the El Tanque and Elianny grocery stores, located in the referred sector, were opened by their owners in disregard of the measure taken by this entity last April 19, it proceeded again to the immediate closing of both establishments.

Alcántara recalled that on that date, Inspection Act No.1019-2021 was issued, whose main findings were “the sale of alcoholic beverages presumably adulterated, which caused the death of several people.”

He said that this decision was taken under articles 24 and 117 of Law No.358-05 and its implementing regulations approved by decree number 236-08, “proceeding informally to inspect to verify the quality, safety, and hygiene in the facilities of these establishments, the first, Colmado el Tanque, located on Calle 15 corner Calle 8, and the second, Colmado Elianny, on Calle Ramón E. Hierro Santos corner Calle 8, of the preferred sector of the municipality of Santo Domingo East.


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