Bahamas: COVID ENFORCEMENT: Over $1 million dollars in fines in breach of emergency orders

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — There were approximately 1,940 violations of the COVID-19 Emergency Orders since the start of the state of emergency resulting in  $1,020,550 of fines, according to the National Security Minister Marvin Dames.

As he outlined the work of his ministry during the 2021 budget, Dames indicated that while most Bahamians continue to follow health and safety protocols, there are hundreds of people who failed to adhere to the stipulations.

Authorities continue to see a challenge with social gatherings and parties across New Providence, Grand Bahama, and Family Islands prompting an increase in response to clamp down on events that carry an increased risk of spreading the coronavirus.

Dames said officers and ambassadors conducted 39,363 business establishment visits, of which, 331 businesses were found in breach of the Emergency Orders for operating a prohibited business.

“For the most part, the majority of businesses are adhering to the COVID protocols and CEU continues to encourage business owners and managers, alike, to keep their customers and employees safe,” he said.

With challenges also being seeing in the enforcement of travel protocols, Dames outlined that there were 62 people — 27 men, 33 women, one juvenile female, and a juvenile male — arrested with reference to fraudulent COVID-19 test results, and 52 people were convicted and fined totaling $117,500.


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