Suriname: Opening flush valves should lead to a lowering of the water level of the reservoir stuw

The water level in the reservoir has risen faster than normal as a result of the heavy rainfall of the past two months. At present, the water level of the reservoir is 262.5 feet, while it is allowed to reach a maximum of 265 feet. To respond to this, some of the discharge valves of the Afobaka dam will be opened from today to discharge water from the reservoir.

The blowdown valves will be opened at intervals to take into account the tide of the Suriname River. In this way, every effort is made to limit any negative effects downstream of the reservoir as much as possible. This means that the draining takes place over a longer period and, depending on the rainfall, it can last until the end of August, Staatsolie reports in a press release.

The Ministers of Natural Resources, David Abiamofo, and Gracia Emanuel of Regional Development and Sport have been informed in writing. The community will be informed in good time about the periods of bleed-off via the district commissioners of Brokopondo, Para, Commewijne and Paramaribo.


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