How an ex-Googler turned artist hacked her work to the top of search results

After seeing casual sexism at work in Silicon Valley, Gretchen Andrew turned away from her tech career to pursue a career in art, apprenticing with the prolific British artist Billy Childish. Her art has come to meld her high-tech background with traditional painting. She’s created a series of aspirational, pink glittery “vision boards” with titles such as Cover of Artforum and The Next American President. Her work playfully explores her aspirations for herself and the world. And it’s accompanied by websites that she hacks into the top of Google results for their titles, using the kinds of search engine optimization tricks more typically harnessed by businesses.

Andrew’s most recent gallery exhibition, at London’s Annka Kultys Gallery, invites visitors to explore her physical artwork—and use their own devices to check out the search results that prioritize them.


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