Suriname: Large-scale electricity consumers are taxed more heavily with the new tariff structure

Large consumers of electricity will be taxed more heavily with a new tariff structure. They will no longer receive subsidies. Small consumers will receive a subsidy. During the General Political Considerations (APB) in the National Assembly (DNA), President Chan Santokhi announced this afternoon that a new tariff structure will be introduced for electricity. The restructuring of the energy tariffs will take effect on 1 July.

The new structure will be based on a fixed base rate and a consumption rate depending on the electricity consumed. This is done to spare small consumers and to put a heavier burden on large consumers.

The amount of the basic tariff is based on the type of connection. Households will pay a basic rate from SRD 216 per month. Large consumers will pay a higher basic rate, depending on the connected electrical power.

In addition, there will be a consumption rate, which is based on the real cost price of the electricity. This consumption rate varies between SRD 1.05 per kilowatt hour and SRD 1.21 per kilowatt hour.


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