Suriname: Large parts of the interior under water; residents disappointed in government

Inland residents are disappointed in the government. In conversation with Suriname Herald, they indicate that they have been under water for months. It concerns residents from the Marowijne, Boven-Marowijne and Lawa areas. The villages of Loka Loka, Langatabiti and others in Pamaka have also been flooded. Tonie Amedon, who lives on Kaba on the Lawa, says that they will have to contend with the high water level from January. People live in the flooded villages. So far they have not received any support from the government.

“From our residential area under water, we have never seen anyone from the government here. No one is bothered by us, we have taken measures ourselves not to stay in the water, but we are without food,” they claim. They also indicate that their agricultural plots have been destroyed by the water and that they are therefore without food. “Inland, we have no other means of earning a living. We’ve brought this up several times, but no one cares about us.”

Amedon says that some villagers have raised their houses so as not to stay in the water. The water keeps coming in, causing the houses to flood. “We cannot stay there and we can no longer roam freely in the villages. We are not waiting for the government, but we did not create this situation ourselves. It is the rain that has put us in this situation, we are suffering because of the continuous rain,” he said.


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