Dominican Republic: Motorcyclists obtain driver’s license after many years on the street

This Tuesday, dozens of motorcyclists went to the Club Los Cachorros de Cristo Rey to regularize their motorcycles for the first time.

Such is the case of Juan María Valdez, a watchmaker who says he has been driving motorcycles since 1983 and had not sought a driver’s license until today.

“I had not taken out my license before because there were not so many crimes committed on motorcycles,” he said.

Miguel Antonio Clase Mercedes is a motorcyclist who works at the bus stop at Gustavo Mejia Ricart and Winston Churchill Avenues.

“You have to have your license because when the police stop you if you don’t have your documents up to date they take the motorbike, they don’t even give you a fine, they take the motorbike and that’s it,” he said.

“I came here to be legal on the street, when the Digesett agents stop me I must have all my documents up to date, my license up to date,” said Rey Galván de los Santos, a motoconchista who has been working for ten years.

The men of the two-wheeled vehicle indicated that due to the obstacles for delivering the document by the authorities, they were not motivated to register and obtain the driving license; these ranged from slowness in the process and the appearance of alleged false fines.


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