Trinidad & Tobago: Young plans low-carbon energy future for Trinidad and Tobago

Minister of Energy and Energy Industries Stuart Young said at the first day of the Energy Conference 2021 that Trinidad and Tobago needs to balance its demand for energy with the transition to clean energy.

To do this, Young said TT needs to invest in low-carbon technologies.

“As countries and corporations trend to a carbon-neutral world, the reality is that the increase in energy demand by a growing global population, rising incomes and poverty-alleviation measures cannot be met in the medium term by renewable technologies and energy efficiency.

“The key to the abatement of the negative impacts is the investment in low-carbon technologies and the rebalancing of portfolios. We believe that TT is well positioned to add value to the balance sheets of the stakeholders invested here,” Young said.

Taking into consideration the growing demand for energy as TT develops, and well aware of the effects of carbon emissions and their relation to climate change, Young said the government took a number of measures to lessen TT’s carbon footprint.


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