Bahamas: EXODUS: BNU concerned about rate of public sector nurse departing amid third wave

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — The rate of which nurses are being lost from the public healthcare system cannot be sustained, according to Bahamas Nurse Union (BNU) President Amancha William, who stressed that The Bahamas cannot afford a decreased nurse-to-patient ratio amid the ongoing third wave of the coronavirus.

The Bahamas remains in the third wave, though daily cases over the last few days appeared to have somewhat slowed to the low double digits.

“It’s a third wave and we’re really short of staff in PMH,” she told Eyewitness News in recent interview.

“And at the end of the day, we have lost so many nurses.

“…We have lost seasonal nurses.

“And when you see the United States pick up seasonal nurses you are in serious state.

“It’s okay if it’s just the union nurses, but your seasonal nurses, who will guard your junior nurses, are gone, what do you have?

“You have opened a gateway that you will have more job errors because your seasonal nurses will direct your junior nurses.”


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