Suriname: Local residents Morgenstaat accuse the police of class justice

Residents of the Kawfoetoeboi, Bagabaga and Katoenfowrustraat in North Paramaribo are not happy with the way in which the police dealt with the report of a party at home with lawyer Joan Nibte. Informants close to the police say this is the police’s procedure when a report comes in from someone of high standing.

Local residents have informed the strong arm since 2 p.m. that there is a crowd at the address. After several calls, the police never showed up. Local residents have made a video of the number of cars on the site.

Eventually people made contact with the Suriname Herald editors. The editors have contacted district commissioner (dc) Ricardo Bhola of Paramaribo-Northeast. He would call in the COVID brigade. When the DC contacted the police, he was told that it was a seat for five people and that a few people were collecting food from time to time.

A local resident says this is far from the truth. “I saw a bus drop people off at the address. There were also just over 20 cars parked in the backyard. I heard music. I don’t know if it was a DJ or live music.”

After the DC had been notified, the police eventually called at the address at 6 p.m. at the request of the mayor, but did not act. The guests have not been turned away.


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