Trinidad & Tobago: Soldiers held after allegedly attempting to smuggle drugs into prison

Two Defence Force officers are in police custody after they attempted to smuggle contraband items into the Maximum Security Prison in Arouca.  

Loop News was told that at about 11am yesterday, the two officers, aged 48 and 47, went to the Maximum Security Prison, with three bags. 

They told prison officers that the bags contained food items from three relatives of soldiers who are presently incarcerated at said Prison. 

The bags were searched in the presence of the soldiers, as part of the routine and in addition to the food items, it was discovered to contain several contraband items including the compressed marijuana; 290 packs of cigarettes; 100 cigarette lighters; three portable electric scales; one cell phone charger; four packs of razor blades; and fifty sheets of wrapping paper. 

The two soldiers were immediately detained and the police were notified. 


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