Suriname: Collection work is progressing steadily

The collection work for the primary discharges in Northeast Paramaribo is progressing steadily. Areas in North Paramaribo in particular have been severely affected by the persistent rain. A crisis team consisting of the Ministries of Public Works (OW), Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries (LVV) and Regional Development and Sport (ROS) has been set up to tackle the problems. The work is going smoothly, reports the Citizen Information Center Paramaribo-Noordoost.

District Commissioner (DC) Ricardo Bhola has visited the districts where work is being carried out. Collection activities are carried out in various jurisdictions that fall within the catchment area of ​​the Paramaribo-Noordoost police station.

In addition to OW, the work is also performed by local entrepreneurs with the mediation and facilitation of the mayor. The supervisory board also deploys additional staff to support the work. The problems have been addressed at Beekhuizen, Blauwgrond, Centrum, Munder and Rainville.

The mayor calls on the community to help each other where necessary. “These are extraordinary times where we need to support each other more than ever. The persistent rain showers are part of changing weather conditions.”


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