Jamaica: JANAAC calls on stakeholders in cannabis industry to get registered

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Jamaica National Agency for Accreditation (JANAAC), Sharonmae Shirley, is encouraging stakeholders in the cannabis industry to seek accreditation of their products, as this is critical in removing technical barriers to trade.

The multibillion-dollar global industry is connected with several critical sectors, including healthcare, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, and agriculture.

“If your company wants to demonstrate expertise in conducting scientific research and the development of medicinal cannabis products for clients in Jamaica and the rest of the world, accreditation is important to you, because accreditation will attest to the competence of your team and the quality of the product,” Mrs. Shirley said.

She was addressing JANAAC’s webinar, titled, ‘Candid Conversations on Cannabis: Jamaica’s Place in the Multibillion-Dollar Growth Industry’, held on Wednesday (June 2).

In highlighting the benefits of accreditation, Mrs. Shirley said it precludes stakeholders from incurring additional costs associated with retesting when products are shipped to international ports.


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