Dominican Republic: Bars and restaurants closed early

At 5:40 minutes, employees of the various restaurants around Colon Park picked up the chairs and tables while some customers were reluctant to leave.

Tourists and regulars to the park were shuffling with the desire not to leave, but the rush to close was imposed by the proximity of the curfew start time. Some businesses such as supermarkets, stores, ice cream shops, Gift Shops waited until the last minute to lower the aluminum door on El Conde Street, in case some tourists who were still walking around ignoring the time decided to buy. Others received customers until 6:00 a.m., and although the business was in operation, they only attended to those already inside the place.

The idleness was more noticeable in businesses and informal vendors such as artisans, hairdressers, and paleteras, which remained open past 6:30 in the evening. Employees were waiting for the order of their supervisors to close. Businesses like the Cafeteria & Bar Paco, in front of the Independence Park, after 20 minutes of curfew, were waiting for about a dozen diners to finish their orders before closing.

During the whole tour of the ListĂ­n Diario through the businesses of the Colonial Zone and surrounding neighborhoods, despite the presence of agents of the Specialized Body of Tourist Security (Cestur), no action to enforce the curfew was noticed, even if the businesses remained open past the established hour under their noses.


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