Bahamas: PM announces VAT-Holiday for “critical” hurricane preparations next month

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis yesterday announced a value-added tax (VAT)-free holiday for “critical hurricane supplies and equipment” beginning sometime next month as he encouraged Bahamians to prepare for the current hurricane.

“I remind Bahamians and residents to begin their hurricane preparations,” Minnis said as he led the budget debate in the House of Assembly.

“To assist with these preparation this year, for the first time, we will undertake a VAT holiday for hurricane preparations.

“This will be during the month of July.

“This will assist Bahamians and resident to enjoy VAT-free shopping on a range of critical hurricane supplies and equipment.”

The prime minister advised that VAT holidays are solely applicable to items purchased within The Bahamas from local wholesalers and retailers.

“We want people to shop at home so that this money stays at home and benefits Bahamian businesses and, by extension, all of the employees of these commercial enterprises,” he said.


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