Your old favorite kids’ wagon-maker Radio Flyer is rolling out e-bikes for grownups

For 104 years, Radio Flyer has made toys for kids, from wagons and push-pedal bikes to motorized go-karts and even a pint-size Tesla Model S. But while the company has been focused on kids, “we’ve really been focused on families, and families transporting kids,” says Radio Flyer CEO Robert Pasin (who is also referred to as the company’s Chief Wagon Officer).

While parents may load their kids into a Little Red Wagon to take them to a local park, that’s not an option for longer trips. But with its new new line of e-bikes—including a long-tail cargo bike and accessories like the “kid and cargo carrier”—parents can take longer Radio Flyer rides. “You could imagine dropping off your kids at school, grocery shopping, going back home,” Pasin says. “It becomes very doable when you have the additional help of the battery and the motor.”


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