Trinidad & Tobago: Arsonist lights house afire with occupants still inside

Tobago police are investigating a report of arson. 

Officers say a 58-year-old woman and an 81-year-old man were sleeping inside when the house was set ablaze. 

At about 1am on Sunday, the two were asleep at the home along Gerald Graham Trace, Union Village, when they were awoken by a popping noise. 

Upon checking they observed a man they knew throwing ‘bottles with flames’ at the house. 

An alarm was quickly raised and the two evacuated the home. 

The fire quickly spread and the structure sustained significant damage. 

The police and paramedics were notified and the two victims were taken to the Scarborough General Hospital to seek medical attention via the Emergency Health Service ambulance where they were treated and subsequently discharged.  

A party of fire officers led by FSO Alfred responded and extinguished the blaze.  

The scene was visited by a party of Police Officers attached to the Criminal Investigation Department Led by WPC Foster Bernard and a party of officers attached to the Scarborough Police station.  


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