Suriname: Saamaka Twaalfu Lo: “We don’t want an NDP and ABOP granman; granman must be independent”

The Saamaka Twaalfu Lo, who met with President Chan Santokhi and Vice President Ronnie Brunswijk last week, no longer wants a political granman for the Saramaccan tribe. This was made clear by the group during the meeting with the president. She would like to see an independent tribal leader appointed.

The appointment of a political great chief, as they believe is the case with the current great chief, Albert Aboikoni, causes great division and political hatred among the Saramaccan population. She wants the opportunity to be given to them to choose a granman themselves.

In conversation with Suriname Herald, they indicate that they have noticed that the ABOP is preparing to put forward its candidate, Nazeh Amina, and they do not want that. The ABOP is also said to have conducted an election campaign with this and has promised its supporters that it will bring a solution to the Granman issue, if it is given government power.

“We notice that the current government is also not working with the granman that is there now and that is not a good thing. The Santokhi government has not yet met granman Aboikoni and we do not think this is a good thing. Aboikoni also does not receive any invitations from the government, because according to the ABOP and others, he is an NDP granman. That’s how he is seen by some tribesmen and this is not a healthy situation.”


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